A few thoughts on Victory (from Paula)

My friend Paula shared the following this morning.

Dear Will

Good morning!

Just a few thoughts on what does mean to live in victory.

For Joshua it meant winning battles, defeating Kings, killing a lot of people, taking territory.

For us something different…..

Jesus came proclaiming God’s Kingdom.


He had to obey God’s leading, not the demands of people.

He had to overcome the devil’s subtle temptations and “attack”.

He called people alongside Him

He knew and spoke out God’s words

He had discernment.

Spoke with authority

Had compassion through listening and reaching out to touch others.

He brought healing.


I see all this just in Mark chapter one!!


God bless you



In response I said:

The one thing I would add is that in order to live (in victory) the way you describe he had to overcome sin and fear.  I would suggest that he carried that victory over sin and fear (and death) within Him at all times and hence lived a life without sin.  For us to live in victory, like Jesus, requires that we put to death the life of sin and fear as ruthlessly as Joshua put to death the people currently occupying the promised land.

Paula then further responded:

Amen – the battle is often in the mind! Taking captive thoughts and everything that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. 2 Cor 10.


I think this relates to:

Proximity and momentum

Interrupted Fellowship

Another good word from ODB.

Matt 27:32-50

When I read the passage and looked again at the protracted agony on the cross with the torments and mockery I thought about how Christ endured it all until it was done.  He did not short-cut it.  It was the only way.  When we are in difficult times, and the answer we want does not seem to be coming, we need to remember that we are in fellowship with the Lord and this His plans and ways are far better than ours.  And that sometimes, the waiting itself, produces even more fruit.

Interrupted Fellowship

Nobody Likes Me

Another helpful word from ODB.

God is our friend in seasons of loneliness.

Ps 142

Nobody Likes Me

Proximity and momentum

If we are to be carried along by the movement of what God is doing we need to be close to God.  (Are we in the river or on the banks?) It will determine whether we are participants or spectators in the next great wave.

The knock on the door is also an invitation (Rev 3:20)

When we put God in a box we actually put ourselves in a box.  Our boxes are small and God operates outside the box.  Get out of the box.

We have to be ruthless in slaughtering our fears. (Joshua 6:16-17)

Peter Birchinall’s fear of division caused him to falter in the church’s pursuit for more of the Holy Spirit.

Who is willing to pick up their sword and do the dirty work?  It’s the only way out of the box.

Our fears reveal our false idols.  What are you afraid of losing?  Put them to death on the altar of brokenness.

Taking the promised land for ourselves requires an unshakeable, relentless focus on the purposes of God putting to death all that stands in the way.

This is a call to arms and a call to personal destiny.


Having shared this with Paula she said she was encouraged to see we were “on the same page”.  She then shared she has been looking at Psalm 18 and what it means to live in victory.

Hope is your torchlight

A note to my friends Lampa and Andy who I met with on 24th May – sent very early morning on 25th.

I find myself awake and called to pray.

Lampa, you are on my heart.

There are some deep spiritual truths the Lord is depositing within us.

We three are truly privileged because of the way God has made us one through Peter.  It is a unity for life but it is also a blessing we must find ways to pass on. Peter was the first seed and sower in this, but we too are to be both seed and sower so that on our deaths, like his, the unity of the Spirit we have been given is passed on in others.  Over time we must look for a younger generation to sow into and anoint to carry the blessing further.

Like all good things this comes at a cost but the value of that we are buying into far exceeds the cost.

Andy, it was so good to be blessed by what you shared from your time of prayer when the Lord woke you up.  Your words carried the very presence of God and it is the beginning of a powerful anointing the Lord has put upon you.  You are to seek to grow in this anointing digging deeper into God for what He is giving you to pass on to others.  Then you must look for those pre-ordained moments with those God has appointed to bring the blessing the Lord has given you.  You are once again to arise in full armour and authority with the sword of the Spirit held high to deliver the word God has given you to the exact spot it is needed for.

Lampa, last night when you were sharing that you believe you are to live a life that is constantly in adversity to the point of death Andy and I heard hopelessness in your words.  However, I believe we also heard truth.  We need to find the words to unlock this – especially as you are called to preach and teach.  I believe you may well be called to live a life of adversity and suffering.  However, it is primarily to be a life of victory.  It is the victory for your current situation that we don’t yet know in your life.  But it is to come and right now we do have the hope of that victory in Christ.  By faith we call upon the victory of what God has already achieved as a deposit of what will be further achieved.  Our faith unlocks hope and hope unlocks joy and joy unlocks strength, perseverance and character.

I believe your continued battles in adversity and suffering will become a mark of authenticity.  Those God has put on your heart to help will listen to you precisely because you share in their suffering and battles.  BUT you have to carry victory within you.  You have to know what victory is and have the faith, hope, joy, strength and perseverance that comes from knowing the rich depths of victory in your life.  Your identity will not be seen in your adversities and suffering but rather in the victory you have won in your past adversities and suffering and the resultant hope you therefore have for the current adversities and suffering you find yourself in at a given time.

Your first victory is to be in overcoming yourself.  The rest will follow but the wisdom you gain from your first victory will be a foundation for the rest.  As you build on that victory and add to it you will begin to map out a series of steps to lifelong victory in the middle of adversity.  Your gift to the world will be to those in suffering lighting a way of faith, hope and victory.

You are Torchbearer and the light of your torch is hope.  Long may that torch glow brightly.

You have to root out and overcome fear.

Listen to Be bold, be strong and take it on.


Be bold, be strong

For the Lord your God is with you

Be bold, be strong

For the Lord your God is with you

I am not afraid

I am not dismayed

Because I’m walking in faith and victory

Come on and walk in faith and victory

For the Lord your God is with you

A Prayer of Forgiveness

Great insight on the power of forgiveness from ODB.

Luke 6:27-36

A Prayer of Forgiveness


One church, many doorways

Whilst at Sutton Vineyard Church this morning they were speaking about their Lighthouse project.  When I think about this vision alongside the vision I have to bring churches together so that we share projects and look to work alongside each other more and more the following words came:


One Church, many doorways.

Hidden in our hearts

Back in February I was reading ODB.  It took me to John 14:1-14.

I shared this with my friends Andy and Lampa.

As I read John 14:1-14 I was drawn back to verse 4.  Is Jesus lying?  He says the disciples know the way and yet the subsequent question suggests not.  I believe they did know but it was hidden deep in their hearts – note Judas had already left and had he known in his heart he would not have betrayed Jesus.  The disciples knew deep down in their hearts but their heads still had to catch up.

What hidden treasures have already been planted in our hearts that we are yet to discover?  How many of those came through Peter (Birchinall)?

Here is what was shared from ODB:

The Advance Team