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A Continuous Walk with God

I was thinking about how Jesus would so often give answers or say things that need much deeper exploration.  So often it is not a direct answer to the question being asked – but it is always what that person needs to hear.  More often than not it is not a long drawn-out statement either.  This is a stark contrast to all the “wordy” things that I write!  It’s definitely something to learn from.

It got me thinking about counselors.  Not the ones who have a job running local government, but rather those who sit and listen to people and help them work through things.  I don’t know much about what it takes to be a counselor but I do know there is a lot more listening than talking.  That the counselor’s job is not to solve people’s problems for them but rather to help people solve (or work through) their problems themselves.  They will often reflect back and then ask a probing question.  In doing so a counselor may help increase someone’s self awareness and then provide strategies to work through their issues.  A Christian counselor will (hopefully) work hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit to see what He reveals too.

So why did I connect the way Jesus often helps people with a counselor?

I was building on the idea that we only value the treasure we have to dig for. Jesus’ parables or teaching often required deep thought, prayer and meditation to understand and along with the work of the Holy Spirit we may be given new insights.  The very process and act of finding a new “truth” makes us treasure it more.  I was wondering if it’s similar for someone working with a counselor.  In that the very act of working through something helps the person value what they find more – and take ownership.

In order to achieve this a counselor has to have a very good understanding of different people, their situations and various influences.  A build up of experience will add more to this.  In doing so they effectively become expert map readers (reading people, situations, cause and effect etc.) and guides (offering ways out) to help people work through things.

So, how can I help people find and grow more in their faith?  In some cases what I write here might help, but definitely not all!  I need to consider how I can become an expert map reader and guide.  Recognizing that I need to know and read the map better so that I can direct people, but also recognizing that people need to find things for themselves and thus the way I guide someone will vary. Of course, the closer I am to the guidance of the Holy Spirit the more I can call on His most awesome map reading and guidance expertise!

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  1. As an afterthought what I realise has been happening today is that the Lord has given me a few little seeds of thoughts. What I have then written is the outcome of digging out where those seeds of thoughts have lead. The very process has lead to what I think will be my final thought of the day (not yet posted) – The Receipt of God’s Love is Healing. This seed came out of my recognising the state of my heart and how open I had become to soaking in God’s love. I simply asked myself what had changed and realised I was now better positioned to receive God’s love. His love had not changed, but something had changed within me. I have then started asking what that was and will go through the day’s postings to dig a little deeper!

    I have further expectations from that very act of digging!

    Anyway, the key point is this. The little seeds that I have been given today are like the things Jesus says that we then need to work through. If I desire to help people more then I need to ask God to give me the seeds He has prepared for them. That may well relate to what I have written here or may be fresh from the Master’s hand. It’s not then for me to dig out the meaning for someone, they have to want to do that themselves. If they do want to go deeper and ask further questions then I may the privilege of helping work it out with them.

    For now, I will continue to add to the storehouse of what he gives me and stay as close to the Holy Spirit as I possibly can.


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