A call for “see-ers”, aka “Name Givers”

As God calls us to greater unity and to see the latent gifts within the church brought to life and into full expression I believe He wants to raise up “See-ers” or “Name Givers”.

These are people who have the ability to see the gifts God has placed in people and to call them out, in other words, to “name” then.  Their ability to see these gifts in others will be fueled by their love for them.  To fulfill that love once a gift has been called out (named) the next step is to “send”.  I believe there is a single gift to “see, call and send”.

Gideon was called a mighty warrior before he had done anything.  Simon was called Peter (the rock) right at the start of his journey with Jesus.  God names people to commission them.  In the same way the church should work towards “sending” gifted people to do the works God has prepared in advanced for them to do.

As a church we ought to seek out the gifts God has placed in every one of us and send one another in that gift.  Is it time to identify and commission “Name Givers” as leaders in this task?

In the context of the Great Conductor (see below) these people will identify the instruments (gifts) God wants us to play in the orchestra.

The Great Conductor

Let us look for, call out and commission “Name-Givers” that we will see even more of the latent gifts in the church released.