The Beauty of a Liberated Spirit

It doesn’t matter what we look like, but there is so much beauty in a liberated spirit.

A liberated spirit is:

Full of joy

Free in the presence of God

Free from condemnation

Free from accusation

Cut-off from the lies of the enemy

Free to come before the throne

Free to express their heart

Living in the promises of God

Free to be their true self

Justified before a Holy God

Wholeheartedly grateful for deliverance

Sitting …

Sitting in the presence of God

Feeling His touch upon my life

Breathing in the breathe of God

His Healing Hand upon my heart

Knowing His eyes watch over me

His compassion and love surround

The gentle whisper guides the way

“I am” is with me His very name continuous

The promise of abiding love

His footsteps go before me

His Spirit lives within me, resting on me

His strength stands behind me

Overwhelming grace carries me

His pleasure bringing joy to my heart

His face lit in Holiness and Glory

He calls me Beloved and draws me in


I know, I know, I know

I am with you in every step

I see the pain and I feel it too

Beloved, I weep as I see the damage done

My heart cries out, it won’t be long

My tears bring healing, refreshing water on each wound

My voice brings peace to calm the fear

I am the way, the truth and the life

Follow me to find your way

Listen to the words I say

Watch as my presence brings life

I speak creation bringing light to darkness,

Healing to suffering and Life to Death

I am the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End

There from the start with my finger prints on all that is good

Trust in me and know I will not stop until it is done


Rest in me


Rest my little one


Rest, Rest, Rest


Be still and KNOW that I am God


Be still …

The Receipt of God’s Love brings Healing

After a long day writing what God has put on my heart I sat on the tube ready to go home.  I realized that when I stopped work after a busy day I just had this sense of God’s love.  All I wanted to do was stop and rest in it, bathe in it even.  I felt this as I was leaving work but I wanted to be still and I could do that on the tube – with my noise cancelling headphones on – with no music – in the quiet.

Being still really allowed me just to soak in it.  It was beautiful.  It is beautiful – for it is still there as I write.  However, it is best experienced doing nothing – “Be still and know that I am God!”

As I sat there I just knew there was healing at work in my heart.  The anxiety I had been feeling was gone.  Sitting in the silence I also felt God’s peace at work within me and His pleasure in me.

It was then that the phrase came to me:

“The Receipt of God’s Love brings Healing.”

I recognised that given God’s love is a constant that somehow there had been something in me preventing that receipt.  It was like something blocking the flow of a river.

So I started asking what blocks the flow?

For most of us it is a lack of belief that can often be our biggest blockage.  Do we trust God for who He is.  It’s why worship is so important.  When I was writing on Giving and Receiving worth it was a series of thoughts born out of my feeling of low self-esteem this morning.  Tied into this was also a feeling of anxiety – worrying about what people who are important to me might think of me.  I went on to write that we need to start with worshiping God at these times.  In doing so, we are reminded of who He is and what He is like (His unconditional love) and that reaffirms our identity in Him as children of God.  That restored my self-worth – as I accepted it was not dependent on what I did and was not diminished by my failures but was rather dependent on what Christ has done for me and my adoption into God’s family.

Quite simply, this restored my belief that I am loved!

In addition receiving and accepting His forgiveness meant that I could sit and receive His love with a clear conscience.

For more see:

Engraved on His hands


Giving and Receiving Worth

This went on with thoughts about honour as well as love.  When we honour someone we recognise and value them for who they are.  I recognised that we cannot seek honour from others but can only bestow it on someone else.  On God most importantly through worship.  When I reminded myself that I am a son of God – adopted in the family, I realized there was no greater honour for me.  To take that on I had to accept and receive the honour that God has given me.

There’s no taking love and honour

I also wanted to dig in to how I can share what I write more effectively – looking to Jesus’ own example.  This lead to these posts:

A Continuous Walk with God

Expert map readers and guides

and finally, see the comment on the last post.

In that comment it was like one of those “light bulb”moments.  Where the answer of what I was looking for is so simple.  It is a simple answer but it will take a life time to put in into practice.

Having found this new treasure I felt God’s pleasure for both putting the effort in to dig deeper (being hungry and thirsty for righteousness) and also in the finding of an answer I can now take away and apply.

So, as I write this I realize I have been blessed today having been healed of the anxiety and low self-esteem I felt in the morning (through worship and reminding myself of God’s truth) and also in knowing God’s pleasure in finding a new piece of treasure I can build upon.



Beyond the Stars

An ODB submission that invites the reader into worship, contemplating the vast capacity of God and contrasting that with his loving care for us.

Let’s contemplate.

From ODB: “As we study our star-spattered night skies, our Creator invites us to seek Him with passion and persistence. He hears every prayer and song of praise flowing from our lips.”

Ps 8:1-9

God’s identity: For me the psalm helps us see how the very act of worship brings us closer to more of God’s true identity.  Majesty, the heavens, protection (a stronghold from the praise of children and infants).

Our identity: A little lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honour,  ruling over the rest of creation.

Beyond the Stars

Lost or Found

Loss of Security / Identity

Today, as I sat down to pray, I recognised within me a feeling of unrest.  After a very long day of work yesterday (15 hours) I allowed myself a time of longer rest before I start work today.  I watched TV for longer than I might have.  But a familiar feeling has been creeping over me, as it often does.  A feeling of fear that I am getting behind with all the things that need to be done – and what people will think of me as a result – as though I am going to be found out*!  That once again something will have to give and that I will have failed.  That I should be more disciplined and energised.


*in other words, my identity in other people’s eyes.

The Battle for Peace

However, I have learned that my times spent with the Lord in the morning have changed me and that the change has produced a lot of good fruit over recent years.  So I value that time and I am using it now to write this.  Searching my feelings for what is going on within me.  It’s a battle for peace, the peace that I have learned is so important.  The peace that comes with the presence of the Prince of Peace.  As I sit in His presence enjoying Him for simply who He is then that peace washes through my inner being.  See Phil 4:6,7.

Grace in Weakness reveals God’s Strength

My thoughts turn to thanks.  Thanking Him for his gracious nature.  Giving Him my worries and being given back a promise of His ongoing faithfulness.  The Lord knows I am weak but He has even encouraged one of the bible writers to say that when I am weak, He is strong.  That in those times when my weakness is clear to see that He can work through me to do greater things – and that it is seen to be great because it is plain to see it is God doing it because it couldn’t be me given my weakness.  So the glory goes to God and yet He is so kind that He allows some of that glory to reflect on me.

Being Seen

When I started writing this I had such a sense of being lost.  That in order to be seen the way I wanted to be seen (by myself as much as anyone else) then I needed to to be busy.  I bought the lie that being busy is being seen and yet that is the way our true selves become even more lost.  Whereas the opposite is true.  I once again come back to the basics.  In spending time with God I enter into His presence, His peace, His comfort and His love. More than that the Lord says to me (without spoken words but through something more powerful that writes on my heart):


“I SEE YOU.  You were lost but I have found you, now stop being lost again and come enter my presence once more.


“Trust me, and keep trusting me for what I will do through you, for you and those you love.  Trust and obey for then people will know that you love me and I will know that you love me.”

Good news follows bad news

The Gospel can only be properly understood as good news when we understand just how terrible the bad news of separation from God is.  It is not about who goes to heaven or hell.  It is about the reality of reconciliation with God made possible through Jesus Christ.

It’s better to give than receive …..

I was reminded of something God has shown me historically in the last week.

I have always taken the phrase “It’s better to give than receive” as a given.  It is something I have always accepted as good advice and a statement of truth.  And I still do.  That is not what God showed me!

For more on the phrase see:

Acts 20:35

10 Reasons why it is more blessed to give than receive. (this is an excellent encouragement to give and worth further study)

Did Jesus say it?

So, what was it I was reminded of?

It’s better to give than receive …..

But don’t steal the blessing from someone by refusing to receive what they want to give you.

Be grateful and let them know.

Don’t let pride get in the way of blessing.

Note that God loves to receive our gifts to Him!

Learning to Trust

This is one of the most awesome inspiring and timely posts I have received from ODB.  I can take a hint and I believe this is a strong one from the Lord!  It follows a sermon on worry yesterday.  I need to pull out those notes and compare, however, I believe this will strongly speak into the Discipleship Framework lens of Security and Authority.

Matt 6:25-34


Do not worry about your life.  That is a statement that covers everything, but he then focuses on food, drink and clothing – the basics needed for survival.  Jesus then points to God feeding the birds and clothing flowers and in both cases reminds us we are far more important to the Father then they are.  We need to trust God for provision.  This is about trust.  Putting our faith in God not storehouses!  Instead we are to seek after the Kingdom and righteousness (being right with God).  Don’t worry about tomorrow, not because it doesn’t matter but because today has enough troubles of its home.  Which I think means Jesus is encouraging us to be focused in the moment we are in, the people we are with and situation.

The writer from ODB says that even the strength to earn a living and “help ourselves” are gifts from a heavely Father.  She then goes to speak of the powerful testimony of her mother even with Alzheimer’s disease.


So much of our purposes in life our focused on building and creating store houses for the future – just in case.  This passage says that instead we should focus on the Kingdom and righteousness.  These needs to be our purposeful life.

Going deeper – I need to contrast this with the sermon from Sunday.

Learning to Trust