Another prophecy for Lynn.

In your calling to see gifts in others, call it out and then send them, I believe God has a name for you.

That name is “Name-Giver”.  When you call out a gift you bestow an identity on someone.  That identity is a name.  Think of Simon becoming Peter and Gideon (as soon as they were called – not after they had achieved).

Now read this for context:

The Great Conductor

You are to look for the gifts God has placed in people.  These are the instruments they play in the orchestra.  Many people will have more than one instrument.

Some people will have never picked up one of their instruments.  You are to identify the instrument and then encourage them to practice on their own, with appropriate music (bible, studies, various materials etc) spending time with the composer and conductor himself and maybe someone who knows how to teach the instrument* (probably not you, though it could be).  As they improve look for opportunities for them to serve in small ways and then as they further improve continually encourage them to take the next step.  After a while they will be ready to serve in bigger ways, sometimes simply in a local setting but other times they will go on tour.  They will need to be sent.

*Don’t forget to look for teachers – people who already have a gifting but would be able to bring others on in that gifting.  Teaching would be an additional instrument (gifting).

Some people will have learned an instrument when they were younger and then given up.  They may well have let the busyness of life drive it out, or been bored by the music given to them or never had the opportunity to be taught well and play with others.  They may have lost belief in their ability and they may not think it worth while.  You are to ask the Lord what can unlock this latent gifting to give it a new lease of life.

Some people will have borrowed someone else’s instrument.  They are not bad, but really they were meant to be playing something else.  However, they cannot pick up their own instrument until they put this one down.  You are to gently encourage them asking the Lord how to help them put down one instrument so that they can pick up another.

Some people (maybe even pastors) will be a one-man band.  They have picked up all the instruments and try their best to produce a full sound but in the end they keep making mistakes and drop some instruments, however, they keep going because they believe the music will stop if they don’t – and they will have failed.  They are also tired and weary for all these instruments are too heavy.  You are to ask God how to help them take off some of the instruments, even allowing some of the musical arrangements to disappear for a while until those very same instruments can be given to others – or others can be allowed to fill the gap with their own instrument introducing new arrangements.  The music will go on.  It may just be quieter or simpler for a time, however, the possibilities for the future will be great as these people will be able to focus on the few instruments God has given them and their ability will greatly improve once they can focus their efforts.

Call out people’s gifting, name them, release where needed and then send.